2013 is drawing to a close, just over a week to go until the year goes up by one. Over the next few days, I’ll do some reflection on the pretty bizarre year I’ve had, in both of my professional careers…
Right now, I’m on my Newtonmas holiday break. I finished my project in London on Friday, and I’ve got something lined up in Edinburgh for the New Year, so my travel mental will cease or certainly be curtailed drastically. I’m planning a week of full-time writing before I start, just to make sure that I like doing it full-time (of course I will, but if I end up playing Oceanhorn all the time, then I need to rethink some stuff…
In the meantime, I know I’ve been really quiet of late, so I thought I’d update you lot on what’s happening with the books and that, eh no?
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I finished the second draft of the next Cullen, BOTTLENECK, this week. I wrote it at a stupidly frantic rate of 27,000 words a week, and then edited in a week. It’s with my four alpha readers just now, and early feedback is certainly positive. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get it out in February, but that isn’t a promise yet…
Like the back-to-back release of BACK TO THE FUTURE 2 & 3 or the rubbish two PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN films (hey, I like the fourth one), or [don’t mention THE MATRIX sequels, it was just standalone, right?], the sixth Cullen will follow hot on its heels, maybe May or June. COWBOYS AND INDIANS is a story I’ve been itching to write for a long time, and was going to be Cullen 3 until other books took precedence. Anyway, I’m so keen to work on it that my brain decided to start coming up with amazing ideas at 7am this morning, so I had to get up and write it all down before I forget. Pretty pleased with what I’ve conjured up – my writing technique has taken on a new level of plotting, I think.
After that, I’ll get round to SUPERNATURE book two, plus there’s another series I want to kick off (related to Cullen, in case you’re wondering), before I get round to BAREBACK, Cullen 7.
Happy Newtonmas one and all.
— Ed

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