You’ll probably be wondering where CULLEN book four is given that the perpetual bad weather for 2013 has cleared for a day and it can officially be called early summer…
Well, DYED IN THE WOOL is probably about three or four weeks away from being published.  On the to-do list is 1) get edited by the editor (looking good from the sneaky peak I’ve had at her spreadsheet), 2) make my edits in the manuscript, 3) get it proofed by someone else (to make sure my stupid fingers haven’t added errors when I’ve taken them away) and 4) do the cover art (just about there).  So sometime mid-June would be when I expect to get it out there – I’m really pleased with it, feels like the most professional book I’ve done on so many levels.
I intend to refresh the Kindle files for the first two books (might be a couple of errors still in) over the next few weeks – nothing major more a lick of paint and some publicity linking to other books.
The reason that this post is called TWOISM (a reference to a Board of Canada mini-album if you didn’t know) is that I’ve got another book that will follow quite quickly after.  It is not a Cullen book and features no arsehole DIs (in fact, it has no profanity at all).  It is a supernatural thriller and will be called SHOT THROUGH THE HEART (the working title was NAIL IN THE COFFIN which is too Cullen – I don’t want to give the impression that it’s got anything to do with that idiot).  You can probably guess that it’s something to do with vampires.  Anyway, I’ve got about 80% through the first draft with a load of extra scenes I need to add.  I started a new job in London last week and I’m not getting the same amount of time as I did working in Edinburgh – I’ll fix that this week.  It’s going to go through the same process as DYED did so I’d expect to release it late-July.  In amongst that, I’ll be plotting out CULLEN five and another non-Cullen book I want to get out this year…
Oh, and GHOST seems to be hurtling towards the top 100 free again, after weeks in the mid-300s.  No idea why – can’t find any new reviews of it.  Spooky.

– Ed

GHOST IN THE MACHINE (Scott Cullen book one) is FREE –
UK Kindle – http://amzn.to/Ih2ros

US Kindle – http://amzn.to/IzknfQ

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  1. Great news about 2 new books. I am halfway through 3rd Cullen book. Great so far. I think all these Cullen books could be turned into TV series like Rebus quite easily. Sure they will one day. Get your Agent onto it.

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