Just a quick note to say that I finished the Scott Cullen novella “Devil in the Detail” today.  Starting to redraft it, which shouldn’t take too long, as it’s only 22k.  Very pleased with it; it’s an idea I’ve kicked around for a couple of years and finally managed to get nailed.  It’s been an exercise in baddies, action and plotting; I’ve got a new plot method now, which seems to work for me.  There’s no more getting lost in Excel spreadsheets for days, it’s a bare bones .txt file.
I’m next going to redraft “Ghost in the Machine” for resubmission to some other agents.  It’s a very slow business, seems to take longer than forever.  Writing “Devil” has given me some more ideas, and it’s always good to look stuff over again after a period of time.
Final point – I’m conscious of the fact that my site is a bit under-contented, so I’m going to add some of my writing samples up here.  I did a similar doofus thing with music about ten years ago – website with no tunes – so it’s no surprise.  Three chapters for “Ghost” v4 once it’s done and dusted.
Then it’s on with “Beast in the Shadow”
— Ed

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