These boots are made for running down back alleys

Just a quick note to say that the seventh Fenchurch novel is out now (and has been since early December, whoops).

Dead Man’s Shoes features the return of East London’s most-put-upon detective, toiling with the confines of a new role and a new boss.

One dead body. Enough blood for two.

Struggling in his new role, where he feels nowhere near worthy of following his predecessor, DCI Simon Fenchurch is called to a hipster brewery’s basement. A dead body has been found in a pool of blood. And there are two pairs of shoes at the scene. Does the second pair belong to the killer? Or another victim?

As the case veers off in an unexpected direction, Fenchurch comes to face-to-face with someone from his past, someone intent on causing havoc by revealing case secrets to the public. Secrets even Fenchurch doesn’t know.

As the hidden past becomes a present threat, can Fenchurch catch a brutal killer before they murder again? And can Fenchurch fill dead man’s shoes?

Currently sitting with over ninety five-star reviews, you can buy it for the price of £1.99 (for a limited time) from Amazon in ebook or paperback here. Also available to read for free in Kindle Unlimited. And if enough of you buy it, I’ll write more!

And if you want to catch up with the series to date, there are two boxed sets collecting the first six, available here.

(In other news, my heart operation in late November was a success and I’ve been recovering well ever since — huge thanks for all the best wishes.)