Detective Craig Hunter trilogy

A trilogy of books starring an ex-soldier cop suffering from PTSD, trying to overcome his personal antagonism with Scott Cullen.

Current status: Trilogy complete. Hunter features in the Cullen & Bain books.

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Kindle & Paperback out now

A missing schoolgirl. A tormented cop. A family mystery.

Meet PC Craig Hunter. Ex-Army. Ex-CID. Back in uniform.

Fresh from his transfer back to Edinburgh’s Local Policing Unit, Hunter and his partner answer a straightforward domestic call out, which soon twists out of control when 16-year-old schoolgirl Stephanie Ferguson alleges abuse at the hands of her stepfather, Doug.

Hunter is soon working with ex-colleague DS Chantal Jain of Police Scotland’s Sexual Offences Unit to kick off the prosecution but, before a full statement can be taken, Stephanie disappears from hospital.

Now, Hunter must track her down. Where has she gone? Did she run? Or did someone take her?

Will Hunter get to the truth before Stephanie is silenced for good? And why does this case keep throwing up old enemies from Hunter’s past?

A serial sex offender. Two driven cops. One whole mess.

DC Craig Hunter of Police Scotland’s Sexual Offences Unit. Ex-Army. Back doing the work that drives him, that makes a difference. Private Sean Tulloch. Squaddie. Monster. He charms women. Moves in, dominates them, abuses them. Under investigation by the Sexual Offences Unit and the Royal Military Police, his partner Paisley Sanderson receives a threat. Soon she’s in hospital and Tulloch is in the wind.

Now, Hunter and DS Chantal Jain must hunt Tulloch down before he can strike again. Where is he? How did he know they were investigating him? A simple trip to Portugal soon grows out of control. Will Hunter take down Tulloch before his already horrific crimes escalate? Are the Army Police really on their side? Is DI Bruce really hunting a missing child or do his intentions lie closer to Chantal? Can Hunter and Chantal overcome their very different but very similar demons? And, in Sean Tulloch, has Hunter finally met his match?

Kindle & Paperback out now
Kindle & Paperback out now

A missing brother. Old friends. New Enemies.

When a bungled raid leads DC Craig Hunter back to his old unit in Edinburgh, he has a chance to rebuild his career on a new high-profile case.

When he receives a mysterious message from his brother, Murray, indicating he might have been killed, Hunter must head up to the Scottish Highlands, desperate to pick up his brother’s trail in the Black Isle, the mysterious stretch just north of Inverness.

But the more Hunter digs, the less hope he has of learning Murray’s fate.

What was Murray doing up there?

Was it connected to his lucrative YouTube channel?

Or worse, was it connected to the man housesitting for Murray — Hunter’s estranged father, Jock?