Flesh & Blood

Just a quick note to say that “Flesh & Blood”, the second DS Vicky Dodds book, is FINALLY out and available to read.

A dead body in a golf bunker. A serial killer back from the past. A daughter learning about her father.

When a body turns up in a golf course bunker, covered in blood and sand, DS Vicky Dodds must switch her usual Dundee patch to search her home town of Carnoustie for a murderer.

But when a second, connected body turns up, Vicky must confront the one who got away from someone close to her — the serial killer her cop father lost his mind hunting down back in the 90s.

As Vicky is torn between her job and her family life, other figures come out of the distant past. But can she stop this killer before he strikes again?

It’s available in ebook (£1.99/$2.99/€2.99) and paperback (£9.99/etc). Buy on Amazon now or read for free in Kindle Unlimited.

And if you missed the first book, TOOTH & CLAW, it’s currently 79p/99c in ebook!

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